Drying, Absorbing, and Deodorizing Product for Litter and Insects


Lisix is a product that contains essential oils as well as mineral and plant matter. Seaweeds and natural clay absorb moisture and ammonia concealed in the environment. Essential oils release a pleasant scent, repel insects, and help prevent flea infestation and mildew or pathogenic microorganisms from growing in the environment.


Small animal litter and cages sprinkled with Lisix stay dry and emit fewer ammonia odours. Lisix is able to reduce moisture as much as 116 times its weight and improve the local hygiene. This entirely natural product absorbs, dries, deodorizes, and disinfects.


Ø Dries damps surfaces.

Ø Reduces ammonia (NH3) and hydrogen sulfide (H2S) odours.

Ø Antibacterial and fungicide that eliminate pathogenic bacteria.

Ø Prevents diseases from spreading.

Ø Improves hygiene in the litter box and pet cages (rodents and birds), as well as insects (crickets).


0.5, 4 and 10 kg

MSDS available upon request


"I'm a dog breeder (sharpies and poodles) and owner of a grooming salon. I've tried several products to eliminate odours in my pens and litter but with no lasting results. Then a friend told me about LISIX and the results were immediate - NO MORE ODOURS! I love this product! It also works in my birdcages! LISIX is a wonderful product that I strongly recommend to any pet owners."

Francine Marchand, Stanbridge Station (Bedford)

Owner of grooming salon FRIZZON.FM and breeder



Cleaning and Deodorizing Product for Animal Surfaces



SeptiGuard Pet is a cleaning product for animal cages, litter boxes, carpets, and any other surfaces in contact with your pets. Ideal for grooming salons, pet shops, and veterinary clinics to clean cages, grooming room, bathrooms, and surface drains.



Ø Reduces and degrades solid and grease build-ups.

Ø Accelerates the degradation process by using enzymes.

Ø Reduces hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and ammonia (NH3) odours.

Ø Eliminates animal odours on fabric surfaces, such as carpets, sofas, and car seats.

Ø Safe to use with your pets (free of toxic or corrosive agent).

Ø Degrades and reduces the presences of the following components: phenol, cellulose, protein, surfactant, soap, ammonia, starch, source of odour, fat, oil, grease, and some chemical products.



0.5, 1, 10 and 20 L

MSDS available upon request



"The cleaning product from Nuvac is extraordinary to wash the stainless steel bath in our animal grooming shop. We tried several other products but our bath would never have that clean shiny look and in addition there was always an unpleasant odor comming from the drain. Now with SeptiGuard A, everything is settled. "

Diane Imbeau, Mamiwouff Pet Store (Saint-Césaire)


Pet shop product kit in a display


Display containing SeptiGuard A and/or Lisix. A leaflet with a brief product description is provided with the display (see image on the left). The display is ideal to promote the product in a more appealing way.


8 x SeptiGuard A 500 ml

6 x Lisix 500 g                                                      

4 x SeptiGuard A 500 ml and 3 Lisix 500 g 

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